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The Cyber farmer way!

The world is an ever-changing organism, as it evolves so do we as a human race. Our tools have led us into becoming what we are today. It all started with a rock, followed by a stick, fire, plows and agriculture was finally born. 


As humans settled, we domesticated plants and animals forever. After this macro level domestication, the human population grew exponentially, until this day. If this keeps continuing to grow as it is, then we will be over 9.7 Billion people in 2050. 


Our own evolution has brought new agrotechnology that has enhanced our food supply system. We can now eat fresh tropical foods every day, all year round regardless where we are, thanks to the integrated supply chain that delivers without causing significant damages to the socio-economic systems.


Nonetheless we live on a rock with finite resources, the weather is changing and becoming less stable, the soil has become acidic  due to the excess of pesticides and chemicals, fresh water is depleting and most of the rich food produce is wasted thanks to unreliable transportation and utopic quality control. 

Over time we have observed that technology makes human survival more efficient and cheaper, the openness to adapt lies within our reach, it is the moral responsibility of each one of us to contribute to ensure the future remains healthy and green.


Food for all, cyber farm identifies food production practices of the past to prepare strategies for a future with adequate food supply, leaving nobody hungry or deprived of nutrient rich produce.


Let's Make The World A Better Place!

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